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Our Historical Tract

Our Historical Tract -

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The International Christian Ministries organization was birthed out of the heart and soul of Pastor Olive C. Brown, in the year of 1992. After seeking to completely be knowledgeable of the mind of God from any clandestine aspirations, through prayer and fasting, she was given the summons to put in order this organization. The name of International Christian Ministries was as well given during this time of consecration. In September of 1993, in Philadelphia, PA., the International Christian Ministries took a leap of faith, thus being chartered and incorporated. This took place with the ministry (Word and Power International Christian Ministries) with the assistance of Pastor Joel V. Brown, who was residing in Philadelphia, PA. At the conclusion of that convocational year, all things were set in order by his attorney and counselor to begin adding churches to this organization in the United States and in foreign countries.

The clarion call of God became distinctly understandable in the year of 1993; Pastor Olive C. Brown was elevated to the office of Bishop. This office of consecration was done by the late Right Reverend and Apostle Robert Evans of Baltimore, Maryland. He officiated at this consecration at the International Christian Ministries headquarters, at 2910 North Avenue, Richmond, Virginia. Our founder’s genuine love for humanity and souls made her a prime candidate for the establishment of International Christian Ministries. She saw many miracles take place in the lives of many through her mother and father, Bishop and Elder Chamblin, along with her husband, Bishop James F. Brown, Jr. After everything else, she became cognizant that as people were anchored with a solid God-fearing yearning, they were not only spiritually powerful but an economic empowerment also became present in their lives.

 Integrated in this remarkable history of International Christian Ministries, are many awesome pathways that have led into foreign regions. Upon which we have rejoiced to see mission undertakings in Russia. Contained within our historical tract, is the evangelistic and missionary endeavor ministry which was conducted in Cuba by Elder Rosalyn Williams. Also Pastor Baby John, oversees approximately, fifty churches in Southern India, to whom a great extent of support has been given through the missionary efforts of Elder John Richardson. Now our newest international ministry (Word of Life ICM) in Okinawa, Japan, Pastor Patrice Wheeler and her husband, Minister of Administration, Elishama Wheeler are in joint ministry.

The International Christian Ministries has now been able to acquire real estate at 2910 North Avenue, Richmond, Virginia, included is Belmont and Cogbill, thirty-nine, acres directly parallel to the Chesterfield County, Virginia airport. We also presently have office spaces, meeting rooms and storage at 701 Johnston Willis Drive, Richmond, VA. God has continued to grant uncommon favor to this group of God-fearing people… TO GOD BE THE GLORY!  For these reasons, the International Christian Ministries is an organization with an immense aspiration to build-up persons who have been torn down by life’s vicissitudes in and out of the church world. Countless times when people are misused and abused they do not know where to go for help, so, they stop trusting. ICM gladly opens it doors and hearts for all people to become united in faith, knowing (Luke 1:37) “…with God all things are possible.

 The International School of Ministry is an International Christian Ministries’ online school of education. ICM formed a partnership with the Baptist School of Theology, which is a nationally accredited college. The BST was very appreciative for this endeavor. At the present, they have been able to build an achievable relationship with an African American church school. This occasion has granted us the capability to partner with scholars and ministries all over the world.

Our latest endeavor is Communities Without Borders which is a faith-based entity which came about as a result of our Prison Ministry. It is a desire to help ex-offenders re-enter and re-establish themselves into society and give those who may desire a second opportunity through gainful employment, housing and an irrefutable sense of self-worth.

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